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It took me 500 hours to learn what shown below, including practice lessons and building my website. 

With this training and my highschool diploma, i was allowed to go to HBO (College) Business IT en Management in Rotterdam.
I doubted whether i would follow the study of 4 years with a study loan, or try to find a job.
A company offered me a lucrative contract. The choice was not so difficult.

For this I had totally no experience with hardware or operating systems and knew nothing from HTML or PHP.
Every girl, with a little common sense, can learn this.
Now I'm busy with Server 2012 and Exchange mailserver 

My curriculum
Comptia A+ curriculum  Essentials
Comptia A+ curriculum Applications
Additions Comp-Tia
American electricity system, plugs
Electricity. Difference between the U.S. and the Dutch system. 
And u = i x r
Motherboard components overview
MS DOS course
Upgrading CPU & BIOS
IPv6 Manual and test
Generations computers (development)
Memory in Windows 
Internal memory SD-DDR1-2-3 overview
Raid 1-5 & SCSI technology
Management take over
Diskmanagement partitions
Creating a bootable Windows 8 USB stick 32 & 64 bits
Removing 100 ($100) ransomvirus
Practice lessons Komp u ter hulp
Classification lesson folder
Configurating and installing a harddisk
Basic XP installation hard- and software
Delete unnecessary files in XP
HP Install Network Printer XP
Making a networkcable
Drivers, extracting setup files 
Basic Windows 7 installation
Troubleshooting; Neflix error, broadcast missed, does not work (Silverlight)
Images with Macrium reflect
Convert GPT disk to NTFS
Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Loss
Testing harddisks
Create image, cloning harddisks and manually copy
Modem, Router, Hub, Setting Wifi access key
Clean image on thin client installation & managing administrator settings
XP thin clients and staedy state and doc's to D
Documents on E (copy in the cloud)
Win 7 thin clients and returnil. Doc's on D
Win7 with XP mode
Ubuntu with Win7 transformation pack
Ubuntu thin clients
Creating a website in HTML
Transfer E-mail
Outlook Express mailfolders (XP) to Thunderbird. 
Windows mail to Live mail. Vista to Win7
Copying an installed program to an other machine, without Setup. Adjusting startmenu and the registry
Switches, rendering, renderfarms
Server 2012, exchange mailserver
Creating room for 1 Server and 2 users (employees, cals)
Installing Server 2012
Raid drivers, difference between Seagate and Hitachi disks
Installing Active Directory, DNS and DHCP to Create a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller
Adding Windows 7 Computers to a Windows Server 2012 Domain
Installing Office 2013 ( Outlook)
Setup Exchange mailserver 2013
Configuring Outlook 2013 on Server and communicating with 2 users
Enable Multiple RDP Sessions in Windows 2012
Setup Remote Desktop Services. Server and Windows 7
Using VNC, Teamviewer
Wakeup On Lan (WOL). Server and domaincomputers.
Router configuration. Port forwarding-triggering
Check whether a wake up lan computer really start, using internet-connected cameras
Bios settings Server, automatic start and shutdown
Automatically creating an image before the server goes down
Mirror, raid 1-5 
Raid configuration and Cryptolockers 
Basic and dynamic disks

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