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                                             Cheska does a Windows 7 Professional and Office installation on an Acer X3300


Taking out the harddisk (320gb) & DVD
Making new partitions with Easeus and overwriting C:\ with an image from an Acer M3600
Testing the BIOS battery (3.0 Volt minimum)
Replacing the new installed harddisk
Installing the drivers
Chipset (driver Coprocessor) Acer download
Activating Windows 7 Professional and Office
Product key accepted
Update; Windows, Java, Microsoft security essentials, Firefox & Flashplayer
Deleting old restore points and creating a new restore point
Making a new image from C:\ on D:\ from the new installation
And saving a copy from that image (Acer X3300) on our NAS
Our (standard) desktop, click to enlarge
Shutting down the machine
I'm working on my training.
The next step is to find a potential employer who is interested in my skills.
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Cheska is a young woman from the Philippines, who residing in the Netherlands since 2 years.
She has followed the integration course and thought that ICT would be something for her.
Quite right, after all it's a piece of cake

Komp u ter hulp
The One-to-One learning center is a non-profit educational organization. Committed to changing lives through the development of life-long learning skills. 
Open for everyone of different abilities and backgrounds.
The lessons are individually given, according a logical program.
The center celebrates in 2018 their 15th aniversary.
Young people, follow their training here, from their intrinsic motivation.
Determined to distinguish themselves from the gray mediocrity.
The right combination of education (challenging and stimulating) and students (motivated) is actually only found in this type of selective courses.


     Green computing, installing thin clients.