The mystery of the dissapeared Jim Gray (computer scientist) Solved?
Real IT pro's never die. They just fade away

Gray was lost at sea January 28, 2007 

But I think he's hiding somewhere in the cellars of Microsoft Corp.

Who else could surf on the Internet through the network of Microsoft Corp. with a XP computer (16 bits video 800 x 600) and still with explorer 7.0 on September 27, 2013 in New York?
Exactly the technology that was used before Jim disappeared.
Unlike with m
any students and (beginning) teachers in the Netherlands, i've learnt my maths well and one plus one is for me still two. 

Maybe it's not Jim, but wanders another spirit in those cellars of MS.
Surfing with XP and i.e. 7.0. 

The New York police must be warned. (to give him a newer machine)

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 If I can't find that job in IT, i can still work as a detective.

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